Renewal and regeneration

Last November, we launched the third edition of The Alpine Review, marking the completion of what we saw as our first multi-year lifecycle. When we launched this magazine, it was meant as a deliberately contrarian and slow way to understand and engage with a world going through what felt like unprecedented transitions. After the years-long journey that led us to the third edition, we felt like we had done what we set out to do, and we left you with a promise that we were heading off to reinvent and find new purpose.

We’re proud of what we achieved with the first incarnation of our curious beast of a magazine and its mostly word-of-mouth success. We always said we didn’t need all the readers in the world, just the right ones. That’s you. Wherever we go, we meet people who share their stories of how they came across us, how some trusted friend pressed it into their hands like a special secret. Business people and restless precariat fellow travellers who told us how our thinking had helped in their work, or had helped others see sense and a fresh way of thinking outside of tech and business hype cycles.

In the short amount of time since that last launch, the world around us feels like it has changed radically, or at least shown a new face – the populists and the far right are rising, and so are the tides. The future of work is uncertain for all of us, regardless of whether we’re magazine makers or workers on a production line. There are urgent battles taking place right now whose repercussions will outlive all of us, and this small gang of us right here all need to figure out how we, and the magazine we make, can best respond and contribute. Honestly, we’re not sure yet, but we’ll know it when we see it.

Until then, we’re taking a step back.

Though we sometimes wish we could bring it to you on the more regular basis a lot of you ask for, we also love that we’ve found a way to make this thing where the possibility of this kind of small death – and the renewal that follows – is built in from the start, where we can step back and find new purpose when we need it. The kind of wildfire that’s good for the forest.

When we’ve figured out our next steps and found the direction we need to embark on another wild Alpine adventure – trust us, it’ll tell us soon enough what it needs to be, we don’t have a choice in the matter – we know you’ll be there to support us. In the meantime, we’re not going to give you any false promises about when or how long, so you can consider this an official announcement of a formal but happy hiatus.

The online store is now closed for orders, as we have little stock remaining. But do please get in touch with us if you want to get hold of a copy and we’ll be happy to sort something out with you one-on-one. And sign up to our mailing list for updates using the form below. We’ll sound the klaxon when we’re ready.