Issue N°2 – Returns

As the rate of change accelerates, many of us are devoting more and more energy to finding meaning, balance and a map that works. In pursuit of steady ground, we find ourselves looking to the past for solutions, inspiration, humility and truth. This more complete perspective allows us to weigh and measure the findings of today and yesterday, to pick what is appropriate, what works and what is real, and discard the obsolete, superfluous or absurd. Returning to first principles, original baselines and classic simplicity we take what has worked to solve what hasn’t, equipping ourselves with the wisdom of the ages as we correct and forge our path ahead.

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Versant Sud, 07/2013
315 pages
Stapled insert: “Biomimicry”

Editors: Louis-Jacques Darveau, Patrick Tanguay
Managing editor: Jennifer Lynn Bisson
Art director: Elise Eskanazi
Editor-at-large: Peter Bihr

Guests: Paul Bennett / Jacques Pépin / Bryan Boyer / Dan Russell / Charles Leadbeater / Rich Radka Simone Cicero / JP Rangaswami / Kingston Trinder / Robert Rowland Smith / Tod Martin / Leo Johnson / Alice Sherwood / A.C. Grayling / Ravi Mattu / Rosie Jackson / Thomas Andrae / Morgwn Rimel / Flavie Halais / Stephen Joseph / Richard Martz / Michelle Lhooq / Fredrik Härén / Rob Gorski & Andrew Ranville / Dan Hill / Anab Jain / Nick Foster / Michelle Thorne / Jay Cousins / Gabriella Coleman / Parker Higgins / Cabel Sasser / John Hovey / Alpha Smoot / Julien Pacaud / Nick DeWolf

“I’m not optimistic, I’m not pessimistic, I’m curious.”
—A.C. Grayling

“Possibility is endless. Possibility is open. With that comes a great deal of existential fear, which is that with the fantastic digital age, with all these riches, you become responsible for creating yourself. There’s possibility, but there’s a fear. You can connect to everyone, but to what end?”
—Alice Sherwood