Issue N°1 – Antifragility

We see industries, countries and culture going through massive shifts, one after the other. The sum total of those shifts points to an emerging consensus: the world is rebalancing. The established global order, its institutions and its foundations are being challenged. In this ‘new normal’, innovative frameworks and ways of thinking are needed. Understanding Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s explorations of fragility and ‘antifragility’ as a framework leads to a new kind of thought process and a novel way of organizing our thinking through these chaotic times. What is antifragile? What is merely robust, and what will ultimately prove too fragile to survive the tumultuous future?

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Versant Nord, 10/2012
285 pages
Stapled insert “Patterns” and “Scenarios” booklet

Editors: Louis-Jacques Darveau, Patrick Tanguay
Managing editor: Jennifer Lynn Bisson
Contributing editor: Peter Bihr, Eli Batalion
Art director: Elise Eskanazi
Visual Content Editor: Caroline Leduc

Guests: Jon Kolko / Joel Salatin / Todd Barket / David Cox / Nick Foster / Sam Guelimi / Kati Krause / Laura Whipple / Peter Buchanan-Smith / Martin Spindler / Benoit Paillé / David Hieatt / Freunde von Freunden / Jay Cousins / Michelle Thorne / Georgina Voss / Dr. Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay / Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino / Robert Rowland Smith / André Schaminée / Dr. Gary Slutkin / Judy Batalion / Nick DeWolf

“Hard work matters because it is the historically proven method for progress. As people’s faith in abnormality wanes, they begin grasping for the tried and true techniques from the past. They begin looking for the track record.”
—Joel Salatin

“It’s perhaps obvious to point out that the world we live in is interconnected, yet the simple statement is at the crux of our downward digression: our political system is intertwined with economics, intellectual property is connected to technology, design is at the heart of consumption and marketing feeds the beast. It’s a system, and so our critique of it should be systemic, and so too should be our strategies for change.”
—John Kolko

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