The Alpine Review - Issue One
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Issue N°1—Antifragility


We see industries, countries and culture going through massive shifts, one after the other. The sum total of those shifts points to an emerging consensus: the world is rebalancing. The established global order, its institutions and its foundations are being challenged. In this ‘new normal’, innovative frameworks and ways of thinking are needed. Understanding Nassim NicholasTaleb’s explorations of fragility and ‘antifragility’ as a framework leads to a new kind of thought process and a novel way of organizing our thinking through these chaotic times. What is antifragile? What is merely robust, and what will ultimately prove too fragile to survive the tumultuous future?

Versant Nord, published 10 / 2012

285 pages, advert free, special inserts ‘Scenarios’ & ‘Patterns’

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