What kind of magazine is The Alpine Review?

It’s about ideas, people and places that matter, that is, that have the potential to influence or inspire the operators of change in society. You could say it’s about the culture of change. The underlying idea is that the pace of everything is accelerating (it’s been called the ‘new normal’) and we all seem to be operating without a map. The Alpine Review does not provide a map, but at least some perspective on things that may help or inspire.

What does the name “The Alpine Review” stand for?

The Alpine Review provides a useful metaphor in a few ways. First, it’s about perspective. Climbing the mountain for the inarticulable gratification of surveying the landscape and getting an overview. It seems overwhelming at the bottom, but when you’re standing at its peak, the path makes sense and the journey worthwhile. Second, it’s about massive disruptions; like tectonic shifts, they are most apparent at the edges where the plates collide: changing landscapes and making mountains. Finally, with mountains come cliffs, caves and caverns, hidden valleys and unexpected crevices to explore and discover.

Tell us how you came with this idea

Both editors were convinced that there was a market for this kind of publication and that if no one was going to fill the gap, we would do it ourselves. In 2012 we decided to stop waiting and start making.

Why a print magazine?

Tactile pleasures are important. Hardcopies are important. Permanence is important. Humans have multiple senses. We believe in substance, both physical and content-wise. We felt it was important for this project to have a tangible form, to ship, to leave behind.

You can’t compare the work that goes into a printed magazine with what normally goes into a purely digital product. Print is unforgiving and permanent. The attention to detail, the endless hours of proofreading, the humanness of it, the design aspects… they all make a print product much, much more superior than a digital product.

Other good reasons exist, but here’s what we think:

Firstly, it’s about sharing, giving away and leaving behind. Magazines carry culture, concepts and inspiration in a pleasant and flexible format. Pass it from hand to hand to a friend, a coworker, a family member, lend it out, re-gift it, get it back and retire it to the bookshelf that your children will one day inherit. Print is not dead, it’s immortal.

Secondly, printed magazines don’t require WiFi, a power outlet, or a cooling pad between your lap and the pages. They are slid into backpacks, briefcases and bags and taken on real-life adventures. They are cherished and protected in ways that pixels never can be. They are shared and passed along without ever becoming obsolete, inaccessible or inconvenient

How is your magazine different from other magazines?

We are unique for multiple reasons. But here are our top 3:

Scope. We cover a lot of ground. We tackle a wide variety of topics that are linked under a specific theme.
Scale. ~300 pages packed with knowledge, without any advertising, is unheard of in the industry. Ultimately, page count does not matter if you don’t have good content, but if you do, it becomes very interesting. Most magazines run out of steam past 100 pages. At 100 we are just getting started. It’s also known as value for money—we provide good value.
Synergy, between good content and good design. Magazines of that size normally have a lot of white space, lots of images. Which is beautiful, but also means content is often on the light side. We feel we have achieved the beautiful balance of good content with good design. The magazine feels like a pleasure-read, while serving as a compendium or toolkit as well. The best of both worlds.

How often do you publish?

“At times”. That means we publish an issue when we have one ready, when we think its right.

Where is it distributed?

Online, through this website and internationally, via stockists. Stockists are specialized magazine retailers, independent bookstores. See the list of stockists here.

I have a problem ordering on your website, what can I do?

Send us a message describing the problem, which browser and operating system you are using, and which page the problem happens on. Be as specific as possible so that we can try to reproduce the problem. Sending a screenshot can also help.

How long does it take for the magazine to arrive?

We ship once a week (usually on Tuesday) from Berlin, Germany. While it takes a few days usually to reach most Eurozone destinations, it may take up to 4-5 weeks for the rest of the world.

Do you offer express shipping?

Yes. Just select the FedEx shipping option in the cart. The following additional fees apply.

Eurozone: $12
Rest of the world: $20

Can I trace my order?

Orders shipped with FedEx are delivered swiftly (2-5 days) and come with tracking. At our standard, low price $4 worldwide rate, tracking is unfortunately not available.

Is there a digital version of the magazine?

Yes, you can buy the digital version for both issues. The digital version gives you access to both a tablet version of the magazine (EPUB, MOBI) and access to the content online as well.

The digital version can be purchased for $10 ($5 with the purchase of the print copy). Buy the digital version here.

What do I get when I buy the digital edition?

You get online access so you can read articles in your browser. You also get eBook formats: an EPUB file (for your iPad, iPhone, etc), and a MOBI file (for Kindle). We also have an eBook specific help page, if you want to know more about these types of files.

Where can I retrieve my file?

When completing the purchase, you will find links to dowload the files (or send them straight to your Readmill account) on the confirmation page. Later on, you can also login to your account and go to your account page, there you will find download links for anything downloadable you have bought on the site.

How can I become a distributor?

Check our stockist page. You can buy different packages at a 40% discount. We also have a ‘starter kit’ which aims to help stockists determine if The Alpine Review will sell in their shop. The starter kit includes 3 copies of our latest Issue for only $75, with free shipping. Buy here.

Is it possible to subscribe to the magazine?

Not at the moment. Given the fact that we publish ‘at times’, we have stopped offering subscriptions.

Is it possible to advertise in your magazine?

The magazine is and will remain 100% advertising free. However, sponsorship opportunities are available. For inquiries:

Can I buy several copies for my friends at a discount?

Yes you can distribute the magazine to friends and act as a private reseller for your organization, school or reading club. For inquiries:

What are the specs of the magazine?

Look are the fact sheet for Issue 1 and Issue 2 to get the details.